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2020 Honda Civic Sedan review The aggressive sporty beast

2020 Honda Civic Sedan review: The aggressive sporty beast

Are you looking forward to getting a new car? Well, the 2020 Honda Civic Sedan is a smart choice. This is one of the best budget cars you can get your hands on. It’s a cost-effective and fuel-efficient four-wheel-drive that provides you with a seamless driving experience.

If you were looking to get a comprehensive overview of this sporty drive, we have got you covered. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed account of the car’s interior, exterior, and performance. By the end, you will be able to make an informed decision, if you must invest in it or not.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan exterior

The sporty 2020 Honda Civic Sedan is a compact car with an aggressive front and an amazingly chiseled and sophisticated right-angled frame body. The high-intensity LED headlights at the front are extremely powerful. Due to the sleek design, anyone can consider it a sports car. Moreover, the sporty-looking 18-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, and center outlet exhaust add up to the aggressiveness of this new 2020 Honda Civic Sedan, which is ready to zap the streets. Moreover, the C-shaped LED taillights enhance the overall rear look of the car.

Not only this car has an interior to die for, but also the exterior is quite stylish. For example, the moon roof visor not just gives it a sassy look, but it also reduces wind noise and glare to give you a luxury driving experience. Moreover, the underbody spoiler and decklid spoiler adds a subtle yet tasteful and sporty feel to the aerodynamics of the new Civic 2020 Sedan model. Other than this, the door visor attached to the windows allows you to enjoy the drive while you breathe some fresh air.

All in all, we can say that the exterior of the 2020 Honda Civic Sedan is futuristic and modern. This beast will be an impressive addition to your garage. However, one cannot decide to invest in a car, by just looking at the exterior. To ensure you make an informed decision, scroll down to know about the interiors.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan interior

The manufacturers have not only worked on the exterior of the car, but they have also focused on attention to details while designing the interior of this sporty vehicle. When you look at the interior as a whole, you get an elegant vibe, thanks to the sophisticated leather finishing on the seats, steering wheel, and shift knobs. Other than that, the designed-centric instrument panel is easy to read with an intuitive display.

With the electric parking brake, you won’t have to pull the lever laboriously, you can now do it with the tip of your finger.

The interior is quite spacious that can accommodate four to five individuals in the car. At the front, there are two heated seats with a heated touring trim to keep the passengers at the back warm. Moreover, the driver’s seat is 8-way power-adjustable, which means that you can adjust the seat as per your preference. There is a lower cushion available that you can tilt up or down to position the seat depending upon your height.  Moreover, with an auto engine start feature, you can start your car and let it come to a comfortable temperature before you put your foot inside.

This car comes with some extraordinary features, including: all-season floor mats, armrest illumination, 60/40 split rear seat, console light, carpet trunk mat, wireless phone charger, and much more.

As of now, we have provided you with an overview of the interior and exterior of the car. Now let’s check out the performance of the car.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan performance

Up until now, the 2020 Honda Civic Sedan has impressed us with its perfect design. Apart from the modern interiors and exteriors, we are sure that its performance will also leave you in awe and would make you want to have this sporty vehicle.

If you are investing in EX, EX-L, or touring, you are surely going to love your ride. With a 174-horsepower turbocharged engine, you will experience a speedy and smooth drive. The independent suspension along with paddle shifters will further enhance your driving experience.

However, if you opt for the LX or Sport model, you will get a 158- horsepower engine, which is also not bad. It has received a 38-mpg highway rating.

Moreover, whichever model you choose, the MacPherson strut front suspension will let you control your drive regardless of at whatever speed you are driving the car. Furthermore, the variable transmission offers optimization according to each engine type and saves your fuel. With 6-speed manual transmission, you can control your car at your will.

You will find an array of tech-savvy features, including Apple CarPlay and Android integration, navigation system, Honda link, 10 speaker premium audio system, multi-angle rearview camera, and Honda lane watch to help you change the lanes with ease.

Bottom line

In this article, we have provided you with a detailed overview of the 2020 Honda Civic Sedan. We can say that this car is extremely cost effective and fuel efficient. If you want to purchase a sporty car that gives you a luxurious driving experience, yet the pricing is affordable, we will recommend you to get this. Moreover, you have a choice to purchase whichever model you want according to your budget.

Before we conclude, let’s check out the prices:

  • LX model: price starts from $20,800
  • Sport model: price starts from $21,800
  • EX model: price starts from $23,950
  • EX-L model: price starts from $25,150

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